First Place Award-Winner in the Romance Category of the National Indie Excellence 2007 Book

Author John Hilferty delivers a knock out romance-suspense!” –

–Award-Winning Finalist in the "Fiction & Literature: Romance" category of the Best Books 2006 National Book “Masterfully executed.”

"The descriptive writing here is absolutely well done. "Characterization, plot and pace are all masterfully executed in John Hilferty's "Moonlight in Vermont, a Novel." From the very beginning, readers will be hooked and the last few chapters will not allow you to put the book down."
Review by Heather Froeschl

"The skiing is merely a catalyst for exposing the risks of competition, and ultimately something much deeper and more profound: what happens when victory is out o f reach. So, for a trip down some of the local runs, a trip down some of the world’s greatest slopes, and a trip down the steep and oft perilous paths of love and love lost, Moonlight in Vermont is the book for you. Check it out!”---JB, Warren Library newsletter.

"Moonlight is worth a stroll . . . engagingly written throughout . . .a novel well worth reading."

---Burlington Free Press.


“Author John Hilferty delivers a knock out romance-suspense!”




Steve Porino, World Cup skiing analyst for NBC-TV, Outdoor Life, ESPN; former U.S. Ski Team member, wrote that the book is ". . . remarkably perceptive and plausible. Frankly, I feel like I'm taking a walk down memory lane in someone else's boots. . . .it was so incredibly accurate. I could not put it down."

Another reviewer wrote: "The author has done an excellent job of portraying a ski town, the local society and the winner-take-all philosophy of team racing . . . This is an interesting read and the characters who, in theory, could be cliche are not. They have depth, are believable and work well with one another . . . The book grabs you and keeps you going until the end. What you think is a simple little story sticks with you."

"I read it even though I have never skied and do not usually read romantic novels. But it's more than that. There's the skiing, the training and the races. There is the camaraderie among teammates and the rivalry among contestants. There are lots of geographical locations and romantic relationships and all the ups and downs that can put you through. And then there is a little case of who's responsible for a frozen corpse."---HM.  
"My husband and I thought the story was great. We like reading mysteries. The book was well written, a 'page turner.' Looking forward to Hilferty's next book."---JM.
"I loved it and couldn't put it down. It would make a great movie!"---MAH
"The author has written a complicated tale of love, family, and murder. The story opens with a body found on the ski lift at Maple Glen Resort after a terrible winter storm. The believable characters are Ethan, a very competitive speed skier on the U.S. Ski Team; Marie, a long time friend now engaged to Ethan; Donny, Ethan's best friend as well as Marie's and Lina, a spoiled rich girl. When Ethan wins his first World Cup downhill race on the toughest ski slope in Europe everyone knows he will make the Olympic Team. Unfortunately, Ethan's life takes a spiral downward; secrets erupt, the engagement is broken and murder ensues. I loved the scenery, the skiing, but most of all, the plot. I will recommend this book to my friends and look forward to the author's next book."--- Andra Tracy, Out Word Bound

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